The Complementary Basic Education (CBE) is a nationwide programme that seeks to provide access to out of school children between the ages of 8-14 years in order to enable them to achieve minimum proficiency standards in numeracy and literacy, and to transition into the formal system. The CBE uses the mother tongue as the medium of instruction in line with theNational Literacy Accelerated Programme (NALAP) introduced by GES in 2006.

The national programme with DfID funding has Crown Agents as the Management Unit which contracted Implementing Partners (IPs) across the country. Ibis Ghana is one of IPs and has four districts including East Gonja to implement this programme.

In the East Gonja District, Choice Ghana as local partner of Ibis was contracted to carry out the programme activities at the local level. The CBE is a 3 year programme from 2013-2016.

In the first cycle of the programme, which ended in June 2014, 35 CBE classes in Gonja were established in the East Gonja District and a total number of 875 out of school children were enrolled at the beginning of the programme.

The second cycle of the programme which started in July 2014 has expanded to 85 communities and expected to enrol 2125 out of school children in the district. The languages that are used for instructions in this second cycle include Gonja, Dagbani and Likpakpa.

Activity Time Frame
Community mobilisation and animation 22/08/2014 – 15/09/2014
Siting of CBE classes in 85 beneficiary communities 16/09/2014 – 25/09/2014
Collection of baseline data of out of school children 1/10/2014 – 15/10/2014
Training of Local Management Committees (LMCs) 20/10/2014 – 10/11/2014

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