Efforts here are geared towards education, sensitization and advocacy on general and where applicable specific health issues in our communities of operation. It also involves collaboration with the District Health Directorate on health concerns of the district, health education and general health status of the people.

Projects in focus

Sanitation Management

Strategies of living healthier and longer

Community nutrition

Reproductive health

Effects of drug abuse e.g. abuse of paracetamol and anti-biotics

Programme objective

To ensure that the people of the district enjoy healthy and productive lives

Implementation strategies

Community education, training workshops, site seeing, and excursions.

Key indicators

Clean environment devoid of unmanaged refuse, indiscriminate disposal of faecal matter, and bushy environment, low attendance to hospitals, low infant and maternal mortality rate,

Physical exercise (existence of keep fit groups or individual), daily drinking of ample amounts of water, high consumption of fruits and vegetables and rest, Low attendance to hospitals, Normal pregnancy and birth weight as per health centres and hospitals reports, low reported cases on environmentally related diseases.