The programmme emphasis is on basic education whiles, secondary and tertiary education will be pursued in collaboration with other organizations. This builds into the youth programme which aims at enhancing the opportunities for the youth.

Currently, our focuses on Basic Education include;Fostering relevant partnerships with other stakeholders and processes for increased access to quality basic education.Analysis and Assessment of the basic education sector (e.g. Annual education sector reviews. The availability and quality of education information development of alternative school supervision and monitoring systems using indigenous knowledge concepts.


Programme Objective

To produce a population of youth with the requisite knowledge, skills, attitudes and competences relevant to their personal development and that of the society at large.

Implementation Strategies

Community sensitizations, stakeholder fora, quizzes and reading competitions, Capacity building workshops, Excursions to Institutions of higher learning and successful personalities, motivational talks and interactions, Gender equity talks, videos of successful individuals

Key Indicators

Number of books students has read per term, the pass rate at the BECE, creative art works, interpersonal relationships of students, district cumulative records.