Research & Advocacy

This programme focuses on value based social science research in its communities of operation and areas where research is necessary. Given that there are very limited if any research institutions in place, it will complement the efforts of government and other stakeholders who need information for development purposes. This will give direction to the organizations programmes and work towards national policy change where necessary.

 Projects in Focus

District Development Status Report to be organized along the following headings and the under-listed indicators: development indicators such as health, education, agriculture, trade and commerce, culture, Gender, tourism etc. Huge amounts of information already exist though disaggregated with the Ghana Statistical Service, The Ghana Education Service and the Ghana health Service. Where the required data is unavailable, primary data collection will be carried out. The project is imperative for reasons that summary figures of regional and national character tend to conceal a great deal of variability amongst districts, regions and communities. The project when completed will highlight the development status and special needs of the district and serve as a tool for advocacy.

 Programme objective

To provide relevant data for planning and decision making in the district

Implementation strategy

Questionnaire administration, interviews, focus group discussions, community videos and photos, primary data collection, secondary data collection.

Key indicators

Development status report, Reliable report on some community development indicators, videos and pictures of community development situations