Choice Ghana is a Ghanaian Non-Governmental Organization founded in 2005. Prior to its registration in 2007, the organization existed and operated in smaller groups since 1997 in the East Gonja District. Choice Ghana coordinated and source for funding for women and women groups and other CBOs to implement projects in the areas of Sanitation management, Human rights (engagement with the district assembly on the rights of the brilliant but needy to attain quality tertiary education, HIV/AIDS awareness creation, and women participation in local governance. Its vision is a community in which everyone has a choice.

In other words, poverty or surplus should be a matter of choice rather than one of an absolute lack of option. Opportunities and alternatives should exist for everyone to live the lives that they willingly choose to; in which case poverty would be a hobby rather than a social problem to which people have no option than to belong. The medium to long term goal of the organization is to transform East Gonja District from one of the poorest in the country to a model district. This is not an end in itself. It is meant to encourage and assist other districts to fast track their development efforts.

Choice Ghana places poor people at the centre of development and focuses on empowering and protection of the vulnerable to have access to development through active participation in development decision making. Choice Ghana focus on the need to retain a minimum quality of life that has been defined as freedom from fear, freedom from want and freedom to take action on one’s own behalf.